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Natural Carpets

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  • Moving of furniture
  • All available for an extra charge!
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Seagrass Herringbone Natural
Design: Seagrass Herringbone Colour: Natural Reference: seagrass-herringbone-natural Width in m..
Sisal Boucle Anise Natural
Design: Sisal Boucle Anise Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-anise_si-bo-an Width in metr..
Sisal Boucle Caraway Natural
Design: Sisal Boucle Caraway Colour: Natural Reference: si-bo-cw1-360x360_Boucle_Caraway Width in..
Sisal Boucle Cardamom Natural
Design: Sisal Boucle Cardamom Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-cardamon-si-bo-cd Width i..
Sisal Boucle Cocoa Natural
Design: Sisal Boucle Cocoa Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-cocoa_si-bo-cc Width in metr..
Sisal Boucle Cumin Natural
Design: Sisal Boucle Cumin Colour: Natural Reference: si-bo-cu1-360x360_Boucle_Cumin Width in met..
Sisal Boucle Liquorice Natural
Design: Sisal Boucle Liquorice Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-liquorice_si-bo-lq Width..
Sisal Boucle Saffron Natural
Design: Sisal Boucle Saffron Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-saffron-si-bo-sf Width in ..
Sisal Boucle Sesame Natural
Design: Sisal Boucle Sesame Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-sesame-si-bo-ss Width in me..
Sisal Bengal Kerala Natural
Design: Sisal Bengal Colour: Natural Reference: si-bg-ka1-360x360_Sisal_Bengal_Kerala Width in me..
Sisal Bengal Mumbai Natural
Design: Sisal Bengal Colour: Natural Reference: si-bg-mb1-360x360_Sisal_Bengal_Mumbai Width in me..
Sisal Havana Clay Natural
Design: Sisal Havana Colour: Natural Reference: si-hv-sl1-360x360_Sisal_Havana_Clay Width in metr..
Sisal Havana Mercury Natural
Design: Sisal Havana Colour: Natural Reference: si-hv-mr1-360x360_Sisal_Havana_Mercury Width in ..
Sisal Havana Slate Natural
Design: Sisal Havana Colour: Natural Reference: si-hv-sl1-360x360_Sisal_Havana_Slate Width in met..
Sisal Havana Titanium Natural
Design: Sisal Havana Colour: Natural Reference: si-hv-ti1-360x360_Sisal_Havana_Titanium Width in ..
Sisal Bengal Jaipur Natural
Design: Sisal Bengal Jaipur Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-jaipur_si-bg-jp Width in me..
Sisal Bengal Jodhpur Natural
Design: Sisal Bengal Jodhpur Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-jodhpur_si-bg-jd Width in ..
Sisal Bengal Mogul Natural
Design: Sisal Bengal Mogul Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-mogul-si-bg-mg Width in metr..
Sisal Bengal Raj Natural
Design: Sisal Bengal Raj Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-raj-si-bg-rj Width in metres: ..
Sisal Bengal Ranakpur Natural
Design: Sisal Bengal Ranakpur Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-ranakpur_si-bg-rk Width i..
Sisal Bengal Singh Natural
Design: Sisal Bengal Singh Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-singh-si-bg-sn Width in metr..
Sisal Artemis Bronze Natural
Design: Sisal Artemis Bronze Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-artemis-bronze_si-ar-br Width in ..
Sisal Artemis Gold Natural
Design: Sisal Artemis Gold Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-artemis-gold_si-ar-gd Width in metr..
Sisal Artemis Silver Natural
Design: Sisal Artemis Silver Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-artemis-silver_si-ar-sv Width in ..
Sisal Himalaya Tibet Natural
Design: Sisal Himalaya Colour: Natural Reference: si-hm-tb1-360x360_Sisal_Tibet Width in metres: ..
Sisal Himilaya Assam Natural
Design: Sisal Himilaya Assam Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-himilaya-assam_si-hm-as Width in ..
Sisal Himilaya Bhutan Natural
Design: Sisal Himilaya Bhutan Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-himilaya-bhutan_si-hm-bt Width i..
Sisal Himilaya Kashmir Natural
Design: Sisal Himilaya Kashmir Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-himilaya-kashmir_si-hm-ks Width..
Sisal Himilaya Nepal Natural
Design: Sisal Himilaya Nepal Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-himilaya-nepal_si-hm-np Width in ..

Some of us always want to feel nature around us. When we love nature so much, we try to incorporate as many natural things in and around our home. When we can go for interiors with natural materials then why not go for natural carpets for the floors.

Natural carpets are available in various materials, finishes and loops. The varieties include coir,  seagrass,  and sisal. Coir is one of the most cost efficient and durable materials. Made out of coconut husk, the fibre is softened in sea water and processed to dye in desired colour and weaves. One of the most popular alternative flooring, coir is available in weaves such as herringbone and Bouclé.

Another popular natural carpet variant is Jute. It is obtained from the stalk of corchorus plant and is very fine to touch. Jute carpets have intec applied to them and mostly put to use in rooms which are not heavily used and are generally used for relaxing. Seagrass is a more durable variety and is largely obtained from China and Vietnam and is handspun into chords before they are converted into carpets. It has a natural green tint and is not much absorbent. Hence, it is fit for less humid and moist rooms. . Sisal with the same golden tint is obtained from the Agave Sisalana plant. This variant in natural carpets is the most durable and is known for its longevity. It can be used in heavy duty areas such as living rooms and staircases. These carpets are available in various weaves such as basketweaves, bouclé, herringbone, hopscotch, malay, bubbleweave and panama.

Such carpets are not only eco-friendly but also suits well for those people who are allergic to certain fibres. Since they are made from natural fibres, they are anti-allergen. They not only give a rustic and country look but also absorb heat and keep it cool in hot and humid conditions. The biggest advantage of natural fibres is they are extremely affordable and easy to maintain. Go natural and give a new look to you home.

Natural carpets guaranteed lowest prices, supply only free delivery mainland uk.

Please contact us on info@carpets-direct.co.uk, if you want more product information.


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