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Different Types of Wool Carpet

Have you ever wondered about different types of wool carpet? No? If not, then you really should because they have a long and diverse history. Plus, with literally thousands of different types of wool in the world, there is a huge amount of potential for variety in wool carpets. We at Carpets Direct mobile showroom will come to your home or office to help you save money and make the right choice for your carpets!

For example, New Zealand is thought to produce some of the very best wool in the world when it comes to making wool carpets. Some wool carpets aren’t even made from sheep’s wool – there are quite a few other animals in the world that also provide wool for these lovely carpets. Examples include goats, alpaca, llamas and camels. Types of wool produced from them include angora, cashmere and mohair. This means there is a massive array of wool to choose from, which is great news for consumers as it means they have lots to pick from and can choose the one they love the most.

You might just think that wool carpets are found in people’s houses and, for the most part, you would be correct. They have long been popular for domestic use and have been used for hundreds – and even thousands – of years. Additionally, wool carpets are also often used in industrial and other settings, largely due to the fact that wool doesn’t burn in the way that synthetic materials do. So, while it might seem surprising, you can often find wool carpets in environments such as trains and aeroplanes as they are considered to be a lot safer than synthetic materials.

This just goes to show how many different types of wool carpet there are and how many different ways it can be used: after all, the wool carpets you see on trains are very different to Persian carpets. This shows that wool is a massively diverse material, which makes it ideal when catering to the tastes of all sorts of people when they are buying carpets. Allow Carpets Direct help you by visiting your office or home in Mayfair, Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge or City of London with its mobile showroom.



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