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5 ways to keep your home hair-free and smelling fresh if you own a pet

We’re a nation of pet lovers in the UK, we cuddle cats, dote on dogs and even find ferrets appealing! Loving pets is good for wellbeing, it’s therapeutic and rewarding to care for a puppy or a kitten. It’s not so good for carpets though, apart from ‘little accidents’ there’s the daily shedding of hair to deal with which can drive you to despair. 

Don’t worry though, we’re here to help at Carpets Direct with our top carpet care tips for pet loving homes.  Read on and keep your carpets and upholstery in great shape, pamper your pets and keep your home looking good as well.

1.       Protect furniture – Are you happy to let your Labrador laze about on the sofa? Think it’s great for your house bunny to sleep on your bed? Keep a throw handy for pets, cover any furniture they like to lie on, then, when they return to their basket remove the cover and you can sit on the sofa without worrying about hairs.

2.       Use lint brushes – Roller brushes are really handy for removing stray hairs, they’re good to use every day to keep on top of ‘hairy’ issues. Trickle a lint roller over your sofa before you flop down to watch telly at night and you won’t have to worry about hairs sticking to your clothes.

3.Or sticky tape – This is another good solution if you want to remove hair in a hurry. Wrap tape around your hand, dab it over fabrics and upholstery and it’ll collect hair and leave material blemish-free afterwards.

4.       Vacuum more – If you can spare the time try to vacuum once a day in any room your pets have access to. Sure, it’s a bit of bind but it’ll keep on top of shedding and help to make your home more hygienic. Pick a vacuum that specialises in picking up pet hair when you shop for a new model, one with a beater brush is ideal. 

5.       Shampoo when you can – Hire a carpet cleaner from time to time to remove pets smells from carpet. Not only will it clean the fibres, it’ll help the carpet to smell fresh and preserve your investment for longer.  


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