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Simple vacuum care tips

We’ve mentioned the importance of regular vacuuming in one of our earlier blogs at Carpets Direct but routine cleaning is a waste of time if you don’t keep your vacuum in perfect working order. How do you keep the vac working perfectly though, and what type of maintenance will it require? Try these pointers and it’ll pick up dirt with no problems!

·         Read the instructions – The manufacturers of vacuum cleaners provide user instructions for a number of reasons. They give you advice, they prevent you from hurting yourself and they stop accidental damage to the vac. Read the user’s guide before you switch the vac on for the first time, it’ll tell you what to do, how to stay safe and give you simple maintenance tips as well.

·         Empty bags or cylinders – Aim to empty the refuse bag or cylinder on the vac when it gets about 60% full. Not only will it make the cleaner more efficient, it’ll prevent cylinders from overflowing or bags bursting all over you carpet.

·         Detangle brushes – Get into the habit of removing tangled hair from the brushes in your vac, leave it too long and the brush might jam. You can use nail scissors to cut away at tangled hair if it looks like your vac has chewed a wig!

·         Clean filters – If your vac is fitted with filters, clean or replace them from time to time to improve the efficiency. Some vacs are fitted with washable filters, just rinse them under warm water and leave to dry to remove dirt and debris.

·         Watch out for dangers! When you vacuum a carpet look out for small obstacles that could be sucked into the vac and cause damage. Items like hair clips and bobbles can wreak havoc with the interior of a vac, avoid this by checking what you hoover. 


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