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Learn how to vacuum in easy steps

The best way to keep your carpet clean is to give it a regular vac but how many people actually take the time to learn how to vac properly? A quick ‘trundle’ over crumbs isn’t the best method to adopt, care and precision is required if you want to give your carpet a comprehensive clean. We recommend regular vacuuming at Carpets Direct, follow this routine if you want a cleaner home.

  1. Dust first – Before you start vacuuming dust furniture, blinds and windowsills, dust will drop onto the floor and you can ‘Hoover’ it up when you clean the carpet.
  2. Take things slowly – There’s no need to run around your lounge with your vacuum cleaner, it’s not a formula 1 car! Slow and steady is the key to good vacuuming, use short repetitive strokes, backwards and forwards to achieve the best results.
  3. Overlap areas – Use an overlapping system so you know where you’ve vacuumed and where you still have to go, this will ensure you pick up all the dirt and debris.
  4. Avoid passing over the same spot – You should be able to see where you have vacuumed, making too many passes over the same area is counter-productive.
  5. Move the vac frequently – Every four or so strokes move the vac to the left or the right. This way you’ll have a good system going and it’ll make it easier to work your way around the room.
  6. Use crevice tools – Tools are great for getting into ‘hard to vac’ areas, you can use them on the base of skirting boards where the carpet ends for example, it’s always hard to vac these areas even if your vac has an ‘edging’ feature.    
  7. Get right into corners – Dust likes to hide away in corners and crevices so this is another time to use crevice tools. If the vac can’t quite reach into a corner, grab the wand and suck dirt away this way. 


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