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Wool Carpets Have Evolved Through the Years

When we think of wool carpets we tend to consider them as static objects – wool has been around for thousands of years, and it is easy to assume that it has not changed much.  Yet even in our own lifetimes the materials that go into wool carpets have changed a great deal, as have the practices implemented in their creation.  While people may make the mistake of thinking of their wool carpet as a simple, uninteresting piece of floor covering that has no real story behind it, the advances in wool technology are actually quite fascinating and deserve attention from those who utilise this product.

Advances in wool carpet weaving are among the most incredible on the list of achievements, and they are responsible for the current state of the industry.  In the past wool carpets were expensive to produce, requiring a great deal of labour for even a small piece of carpet.  Today, however, a large wool carpet can be produced extremely quickly by a machine for far less money than was required in the past.  As such, buying a wool carpet makes a little less impact on an individual’s wallet and purchasing large sections of such flooring is economically reasonable.

In addition, technology developed in the past few decades has minimised the static electricity held in wool carpets, eliminating the hassle that once accompanied the materials.  While walking across wool carpet in socks might have once given anyone a considerable shock, one can do laps in their sitting room today with no adverse consequences.

While it may be an old fashioned material, wool is not without its own advances, and as time has gone by wool has changed considerably.  The wool carpets in our homes and businesses have evolved, and we can expect them to change even more in the years to come.


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