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Ways to stop dents in carpets

Fit a new carpet in your lounge and the last thing you want to see is unsightly dents that spoil the appearance of the flooring. Sadly, it’s hard to avoid dents if you have heavy items of furniture but with a few precautions you can lessen the impact of indentations on your carpet. This blog looks at ways to prevent dents in your carpet so your new flooring looks gorgeous at all times.

  • Pick a high density carpet:  Opt for a heavy duty carpet that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Try to run your fingers through the fibre on the carpet, if you can see the backing look for another where the backing isn’t visible. Choose a high-density carpet that has a heavy fibre and it should be able to withstand the loads that are placed upon it by heavy furniture.
  • Pop a few coasters down: Furniture coasters are brilliant at lessening the impact of heavy weights. They spread the load and distribute the weight of the furniture so the problem isn’t concentrated in one area. They’re good for carpets and laminate floors as well and you can choose them in a variety of styles and finishes to match your home’s décor.
  • Use off-cuts of carpet: Make your own foot coasters out of left over sections of carpet. Cut them into squares or circles and pop them underneath the feet of furniture to keep your carpets free from dents. They’ll co-ordinate with the existing carpet and could help to preserve the life of your carpet for many years.   
  • Swap things around: Change the position of furniture from time to time and that should stop dents from becoming permanent fixtures. It’s good to have a change every now and again and by repositioning your furniture it’ll leave less of an imprint on your new carpet.


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