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Shop Carpets Play a Big Role in Customer Psychology

If you’re in retails and own your own shop, you’ll probably understand that making your customers feel welcome is the first step towards the ultimate goal of making a sale. The more comfortable your customers are, the more likely they will be to spend more time in your shop, and more likely to purchase goods. Why not let Carpets Direct Mobile carpet services solve your problems.

Shop carpets play a big role in helping to generate a warm and friendly atmosphere that will make your customers’ feel relaxed and willing to browse. Shop carpets also help to direct your customers to areas of your shop you want them in most. For example in larger shops, you should have harder and more compact carpets in aisles so that your customers travel more quickly along them to areas where you are selling. In contrast, areas around shelves where you want customers to linger should have thicker, more comfortable shop carpets, which will help keep customers in those areas around the items you want to sell the most.

Shop carpets play a much bigger role in retail selling than is commonly known. When you last visited a shop, where you aware of the carpets at all? Probably not is the answer, but even though you weren’t aware of them consciously, you would have noticed them on a sub-conscious level. When you move from one area of the shop to another and the carpet changes, you instantly feel like you’re in a different place. This can be further highlighted by your shop’s colour scheme. A different colour scheme in different areas of your shop, in combination with different shop carpets, strongly suggests to customers they’re in a separate area than before, without them even knowing it on a conscious level.

As for the type of carpet you using in your shop, you will undoubtedly want a shop carpet that is easy to clean on a daily basis that is hardwearing and will last for a long time. Areas around payment areas and changing rooms will receive a lot more traffic, so consider using a different carpet here. You can sometimes build hardwearing shop carpet areas into your overall colour and décor scheme. For example a different colour around your payment areas will highlight to customers where they need to pay. Most shops do not allow food and drink in order to protect merchandise and carpets, but should there be an accident a shop carpet that protects against moisture and spillages is a good idea too.


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