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3 simple carpet cleaning tips

We supply a range of affordable flooring at Carpets Direct and know how much pride our customers take in their homes. So we wanted to give you a guide to caring for carpets, this way your new investment should last for years. Read or blog on carpet care and keep your flooring looking fabulous throughout the year.

Vacuum at least one a week: Make friends with the Hoover or form a relationship with your Dyson instead. Regular vacuuming removes a build-up of dirt and it’ll clean crumbs, hair and debris off your carpet in next to no time. Get into the habit of vacuuming the carpet at least one a week and that’ll help the fibres to last longer. Take your time with the vacuuming and cover every single fibre if you can to give the carpet a really good clean.

Clean away stains: Spills can be a problem on carpets so it’s best to tackle them as soon as they occur. Act fast and you can save a carpet from being stained for life. Soak up most of the spill using kitchen paper and gently dab the affected area. This should get most of the stain out of the carpet, use fresh kitchen towels until they won’t absorb any more liquid. Finally get a little carpet cleaner and day or spray that onto the affected area. Use a fresh dry cloth to dab the rest of the stain away, don’t rub the carpet or this could damage the fibres. 

Get a professional clean: Carpet manufacturers recommend you have a professional clean on your carpet at least once a year. We’d agree with that at Carpets Direct, maybe have a clean in time for spring and one just before Christmas so your home is nice and fresh.  Use a specialist cleaning service and it leaves your carpet cleaner, your home smelling nicer and prolongs the life of the flooring at the same time. If you follow our tips they should help to keep your carpets in great shape at all times.



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